Abbey Kleinert is a graphic designer, printmaker, and visual scholar who lives and works in the Twin Cities, MN. She founded the artist collective and print studio Recess Press with five buddies from art school and spent the six years between her B.A. and MFA teaching art and working on creative projects around the Twin Cities. She has exhibited around the US and in Brazil and led art and design activities at a range of places from homeless shelters to college classrooms.

She currently teaches Media Design at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication and recently finished her MFA in Graphic Design, during which she she worked as the graphic designer at the Goldstein Museum of Design. Her MFA research focused on learning through making which she explores through observational botanical drawing and printmaking. An ever-curious explorer and adventurer, her strong belief in the wisdom of experiences, and life-long interest in the natural world inspire her printmaking, design, and teaching.


Artist Resume:CV

Graphic Design Resume